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Interview & Guest Mix with Jay-Cee from Magnified

To kick off the new year we have a very special guest mix from Jay Cee, one half of Magnified,  These London based promoters have already put on a successful night at Pacha London in there short history. We caught up with Jay Cee & Karl to ask them a few questions. But before we get to that, have a listen to the exclusive mix on the YouTube channel


Magnified is described as a DJ DUO / Label / Club Night / Collective what made you start up Magnified?

Firstly thanks for the interview! Magnified basically was just a small idea in the late 2012, I have always had a passion for music & the Bass music culture. My Mum brought me up on a lot of House, Acid & 90’s dominated stuff, then I had my older brother blasting out Jungle & Garage which is so prominent in the UK. When I finally grew up & started going out, I was so frustrated I wasn’t hearing the stuff I liked, through these great systems, just seemed to be a bit of a let down when I went “clubbing”. I knew a couple of Drum & Bass DJ’s & was interested in gathering them together & put on some niche nights in the area, but as I had been dabbling in DJ’ing House for about 3 years, it made sense to get to it within House.

I got some advice on promoting & then we launched the night “Magnified” at Pacha London back in May. As the end of the year approached i felt pretty shocked when i looked back and saw what we achieved in not even a year, just by doing something we loved & believing in that. From something that was just a small idea branched out into multiple different opportunities.

Do you see an advantage in forming a duo in the modern world of digital music, where it is hard to be noticed in the vast number other promoters & artists.? compared to going alone?

After setting up Magnified, the team simmered down to just myself & Carl, he was very hard working & I saw his passion for the brand. I suggested the idea of forming an alias duo of Magnified called “MGNFD” & he loved the idea. I always say 2 heads are better than one & some promoters ideally prefer B2B duos, but myself & Carl do DJ alone as well as the MGNFD act, which is nice sometimes obviously everybody loves the spotlight, but It’s nice to know you’ll always have the support of the team & help each other grow. It’s good ethic.

Delatix: Being a DJ duo and working together on our label; Magnified evens out the workload, from promoting our gigs and events to sourcing new tunes to release. You know what they say, two heads are better than one!

Do you share the daily running of the label & promotions or do you have your own specialist areas of expertise within magnified? I know you’re also a very talented video editor.

Myself & Carl fortunately are both quite creative in other areas, we both have design knowledge & as you said about the video side of things, from the age of 16 I was directing Music Videos for young musicians. Which is beneficial to the team, we can do our own work, we know our vision so we get our results. We both put in a fair share amount of promoting & producing material such as mixes & design for our Social Networks. When I was scouting the music for the label on the first EP, I was doing it on my own but I will always go to Carl & see if he has any ideas or thinks its suitable, vice versa. Nothing is really done by one or the other, sometimes you need another pair of ears or hands to come to a final decision, which again is useful.

Musically where do you draw your inspirations from, who are your big influences in sounds.? &
Do you both have varying music backgrounds & tastes?

My inspirations come from literally anything, a lot from the 90’s & Acid House. In my teens it was a lot of Garage. Now I go to a lot of Old Skool raves like Raindance & Moondance, which I will always love. The vibes are incredible, the people are great & all of the raw, inspiring UK sound. But apart from that – every day I spend most of my free time listening to everything on Soundcloud, where I find a vast amount of my music collection.

I listen to a lot of mixes as well from a variation of DJ’s, which helps draw inspiration from all different branches of what I listen to. I try & find a lot of quality up n’ coming music to play out, a lot of DJ’s play the same tunes, I think promoters look for a lot of variation. I couldn’t say one in particular, it changes all the time, but right now I am loving 2 very talented & raw musicians – Cristoph, Paul Woolford & his alias Special Request. I came across Cristoph’s sounds on Defected/UndergroundAudio & Mixmag podcast, you know when certain sounds just somehow touch your musical soul & suddenly your skanking in your living room, those are the sort of things that inspire & excite me most. Paul Woolford had me from the get go, when he remixed Hackney Parrot, the jungle breaks & the basses had me hooked, he’s been about for a while & definitely educated on music. His piano riffs are extremely emotional, the way he incorporates them in his Jungle & House stuff is simply beautiful, he is an absolute pioneer.

Delatix: I started off listening to garage, in the early grime days back in the early 2000’s. I remember recording old sets off pirate radio and listening to them back on my Walkman. Was hooked when I heard Eskimo for the first time, and been a fan of the whole scene in general since. My tastes leaned towards house/dance in the last few years.

DJs that have influenced me over the years have been people like Spyro, Last Japan, R1 Ryders, Skream, Jackmaster and Oneman (whom I have not seen live yet!).
Producer wise, I’m feeling Carnao Beats, Amine Edge & DANCE, Tough Love, JD Reid and Oliver Rees. Each of them are always making big tunes that have major impact on their retrospective genres.

Me and Jay have very, very similar tastes in music, that’s why we are where we are today. Our mutual understanding and love of House has brought us together and that’s why we play b2b so well. Only minor difference is her love of jungle/drum n bass, I just like the odd jungle tune here or there lol.

When did you first start DJ’ing & when did you make the transition to promoter?

I had been dabbling mixing for a few years & from a young age always had an interest in doing it, one day I thought “I know I’ll be able to do it”, I jumped on some decks & it was like a second nature. My mixes have progressed massively over the past year & you’re always learning. The transition to become a promoter as well was late 2012, as previously mentioned, the main reason behind it was to put on nights where I was going to hear the music I wasn’t hearing out, now the aim is to showcase all different up & coming DJ’s/producers to grow with the brand along with myself & Carl.

2013 featured many nostalgic sounds & samples from the rave era. What music trends do you predict for 2014 ?

Oh yes! Well definitely the Hip House movement is coming back, which is now being called G-House. The Hip House which was around in the late 80’s in Chicago & came to the UK, like Come Into My House by Queen Latifah of the Eurodance & Hip House movement, but the Biggie Samples are swarming, the likes of Amine Edge & DANCE, Volac, Tazer, Kolombo & so many more are just smashing it right now with the vibe, those are the best basses I’ve heard in House for a long time, It’s funky, It’s rude, can be sexy & it will make you stomp.

Check out Magnified on Soundcloud & Jay-Cee on Soundcloud.

Magnified on Facebook 

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